Why we get more (and better qualified) applicants than anyone else

Some modern day online recruitment myths.

1. All adverts are the same.
2. All job boards are the same.
3. All applicants come from Indeed.
4. All application processes are the same.
5. Mobile applicants struggle to apply from their phone.

Now let’s look at each myth individually to understand how the EasyWeb service challenges it.

1. All adverts are the same

Adding the correct job title to an advert is essential for it to be returned in searches. This means avoiding typos (see below), but also picking the most searched for term.

Data from Google Trends will show us that users are far more likely to use a term such as “sales” rather than “business development”.

EasyWeb adverts also normally contain a list of keywords in the footer to ensure that the advert is returned for as many relevant search results as possible.

2. All job boards are the same

We advertise over 700 jobs per month, across a broad range of industries. All adverts are run for 4 weeks over the major UK job boards. We don’t skimp on job board coverage as we know each job board delivers a significant percentage of our overall response.

Below are our figures for advert response so far in 2018:

3. All applicants come from Indeed

Whilst Indeed is a very important job board and has the largest amount of traffic, it also has the largest amount of competition. If Indeed might have twice the amount of visitors as your preferred job board, you might expect them to get you twice the amount of applicants. The issue here is that Indeed might have 10 times more competing adverts as your preferred job board, so it is hard for your advert to get the attention it needs.

All our adverts appear on Indeed, but we find the major job boards deliver more and better qualified applicants for our clients.

4. All application processes are the same

We don’t put up barriers such as “please register with a username and password”. A step such as this is guaranteed to lose you a significant amount of applicants.

We tailor each application form for each advert so that we answer the specific questions you need to know, and we don’t include any unnecessary questions.

Our application form is completed in one simple page.

5. Mobile applicants struggle to apply via their phone

This is massive. 45% of our applicants visit our job adverts using a mobile or tablet device.

If you have an ATS and you ask job boards to redirect your applications you need to ensure it is relatively easy for applicants to apply (especially on mobile). You need to do this while also ensuring you get the information you need (expected salary, notice period, do they have a forklift license, etc).

Our application process is the best in the UK. This is a confident statement but let me attempt to back it up.

Mobile traffic accounts for two thirds of applicants but they struggle to apply via application forms, with the major hurdle being they are not able to attach a CV from their mobile phone.

When an applicant applies via a job board, they normally have to be registered with the job board and provide them with a copy of their CV. We recently built an integration with TotalJobs and Reed to enable us call back these job boards and gather the CV automatically, without asking the user to attach it.

This integration has seen us significantly increase mobile application rates from these job boards.

We are the first company to integrate our ATS (Applicant Tracking System) with Reed and one of only a handful to integrate with TotalJobs.

Here is a 1 min video that TotalJobs produced to explain this integration:

We are now building this same integration with Jobsite, CV Library, Monster & Indeed.


When we started providing a flat fee recruitment service in 2005, we were one of only a handful of providers. Now the market offers many more options in terms of price and service.

We have continued to invest in our advertising, technology and the knowledge of our team to ensure our clients adverts are successful.

If you have vacancies that you are looking for help to advertise, then contact our friendly team for a no-obligation assessment of whether job boards advertising is a suitable option. Spoiler alert, not all jobs are suitable for job board advertising. A major reason our clients work with us is they can trust us to deliver clear and honest advice.

Good luck with your recruitment in 2018!